Studio Tile Project

The exterior design of my studio had to match our house, so it is cream-colored stucco - BLAND!  I added green doors to liven it up a bit.

Then another idea began to emerge.  As they were building the studio, I noticed a pile of tile pieces that they had discarded when tiling the bathroom.  I thought - hmmm - what can I do with those?  So I kept the tiles.

I host a family art project each year at the holidays, and I decided that it would be fun to paint tiles. I thought that would be an easy, colorful project.

As I was experimenting with the process to prepare for the holiday project,  inspiration struck! The studio walls - THAT'S where they go! So as our family painted, we decided that was the perfect place for them. A variety of methods were used -  alcohol inks, regular fluid acrylics, designs using glue as resist, and even acrylic texture mediums.  

The result is that I have a unique collection of many colors and styles, painted by some of my family and myself.  I cannot imagine a better way to liven up a bland stucco wall. And a great way to recycle tile pieces!

This is a "living" wall - and we will continue to paint tiles and add to the fun.  So check back for updates.  We still have some very creative family members who will be visiting soon!


  • Incredible art by a wonderful artist. If you love art, the Texas Hill Country and nature, don’t miss the opening of this incredible studio. Magic…

  • Very creative. So happy to have participated and so much fun to paint those tiles.


    Penny Grawunder

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